Tom Dobes

Technical Director/Technician/Sound Design/Sound and Light Board operator

Tom Dobes (Sound Design & Sound Board Operator) has been involved with RMT/M&M shows for eleven years, beginning with Brigadoon in 1998.  Over the years, Tom has also served as technical director for many  Merrillville High School drama/musical productions, choir concerts, and for outside organizations who rent Reinhart Auditorium.  M&M/Ross love having Tom around because

he can fix just about anything. Tom, is the one responsible for the live internet broadcast of our 1940s style radio shows, he devised a wireless way to control a battery operated set of LEDs for Cinderella’s carriage, he single handedly keeps all 30 of our cordless mics usable.  Tom also does all the technical work for Indiana Youth Ballet’s Nutcracker and Peter Pan.   Currently Tom is in charge of the computer labs for the Engineering Department at Purdue Calumet.