Jerauld J. Reinhart

No words can express the feelings we have for the outpouring of support
from the community after Jerauld J. Reinhart (BOSS) passed away in 2014. The very kind words posted about my father and the father of RSMT almost leave me nothing more to say. But like it was with boss, there seems to be always something more to say.
I feel like everyone knew him as we did; he was an open book. However, so many people after seeing
his son’s Bryan's tribute video came up to me and said, "I didn't know he was an athlete" and very few knew he started out in college as a chemistry major. Everyone did know he was a great man who influenced people every step of his life. Three people told me if it wasn't for him they would probably be in jail now. One gentleman's only real encounter with my dad was he was in Mr. Reinhart's 1964 study hall but he still remembers the influence he had in his life. I thought, "Really? In study hall?" I thought teachers in study hall just said, "Be quite and sit down." Obviously not my dad.
So many people thanked us for sharing him, but we thank all of you for wanting to be a
part of our extended family, and loving our parents as if they were your own. It is a great honor for them. They love you all. Dad welcomed everyone new and old into his RSMT family. People would leave for a while and then come back. He never cared. He took them in as if they had never left.
I know people knew he was an honest man, but not sure if they understood the extent of his honesty. When I was about 10 years old, my dad took his entire family to the Y & W Drive In. I'm not sure how many kids we had at that time, but when he drove in the cashier came to the window, looked in, and said that will be 3 adults and 6 kids, or whatever the totals were. My dad corrected her and said, "No, that is 7 adults and 2 kids." After he
paid the corrected amount and we drove by the cashier, someone asked, "Why didn't you just pay her the first amount? It was her mistake." He said to us, "If I would lie for $2.00, what would I do for a million?" That has stuck with me all this time and while I knew everyone knew he had integrity, I am not sure anyone ever knew to what extent.
My father was many things: smart, artistic, musical, perfectionist, honest, the hardest worker I've ever known, loyal, passionate, clever, very funny, sar
castic, a great story teller. He loved theatre, music, football and basketball, and adored movies. But if you asked Dad what was the one thing he would want everyone to take from his time here on earth I think he would say to be KIND. Kind to everyone; not just people you like or people that like you, but to everyone. That is what he did and that is what set him apart.