Not all scripts are cast. We are still waiting to listen to a few to audition.

There are also small parts in some of these scripts we have not cast yet. We will be doing that Monday Night

Alice Portnoy and the bank Robbers

Alice-Angie Shriner

Dan-Rob Earnshaw

Dick-Bill Herbert

Lyle-Aaron Herbert

Harvey-Mike Spurlock

As The Stomach Turns

Two Skits

Carol- Debbie Trembicki

Nanette-Alice Dawson

Lyle -Aaron Herbert

Vicki-Caitlin Johnson

Nancy-Darlene Joiner

Harvey-Mike Glorioso

Steve-Bill Herbert

Return of Andy Hardy

Harvey-Bill Herbert

Donald-Aaron Herbert

Polly-Debbie Trimbicki

Red Dust

Harvey-Rob Earnshaw

Donald-Bill Herbert

Carol-Debbie Trimbicki

Howl and the Pussycat

Carol -Caitilin Johnson

Lyle-Bill Herbert

Tim-Aaron Herbert

Harvey-Mike Spurlock

Alice Potnoy at the Hospital


Lyle-Rob Earnshaw

Soupy-Bill Herbert

Carol-Angie Shriner

High School Classmates

Melinda Reinhart

Debbie Trimbicki

Insurance Adjuster

Harvey-Mike Glorioso

Paul-Aaron Herbert

Carol-Paula Neff

Lyle -Mike Spurlock

Don -Bill Herbert

Camera Clap Board-John Miko

The Coffee Comercial

Carol-Paula Neff

Harvey-Mike Spulock

Debbie-Linda Marmdejo

Camera Slate-John Miko

Late Date

Harvey-Mike Glorioso

Carol-Alice Dawson

Vicki-Darlene Joiner

Hospital Nudge

Lyle -Rob Earnshaw

Harvey-Bill Herbert

Carol-Paula Neff

The Old Folks

Mike Reinhart

Melinda Reinhart